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How can I add an entry for an organisation not listed here? target=_blank
Authorised representatives of organisations not listed here may upload their entries (including an email contact address, a web link, up to 1,000 words of additional information and a photograph) free of charge.

Click on the 'Add New Entry' link to the right of this screen. This will give you an 'Add New Entry' form to complete. The form asks for basic information about the organisation (you will be able to change this afterwards). We also ask for information about yourself so we know how to contact you and also to guard against misuse of the system. Your personal details will not be displayed on the website.

After you complete the form and press 'submit' your entry will be uploaded to our database. You will be given a 'password' (a 6-digit number similar to a PIN number) that you can use to edit (or delete) your entry in future.