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How can I obtain a password for an organisation that is listed here? target=_blank
Authorised representatives of organisations listed here may apply for a password to enable them to update their entries (including adding an email contact address, a web link, a web log, up to 1,000 words of additional information and a photograph).

Click on the 'Edit' link to the right of your organisation's entry.

If you now see a request to 'Enter Password' it means that your organisation's representative has already been issued with an entry. You need to locate them and ask them to tell you the password.

Normally you will see the words "No password is currently allocated for this organisation" and a form you need to complete to apply for a password. This asks for information about you so we know how to contact you and also to guard against misuse of the system. Your personal details will not be displayed on the website.

After you complete the form and press 'submit' your request for a password will be sent to our representative (known as the moderator) for approval. You do not need to take any further action. In most cases approval is only a formality and should be completed in less than one day. You will receive an email from us giving you a 'password' (a 6-digit number similar to a PIN number) that you can use to edit (or delete) your entry in future.