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Hasler Memorial Trust

Dr. W. D. Hasler served the village devotedly for 40 years until his sudden death in 1966. At the time monies collected for a retirement present by the village were, at the wish of his family, put towards a Bursary to help young people in the Parish of Meopham. Details of the Bursary are sent to schools and colleges serving the Parish of Meopham, and pupils who have lived in the area for five years are invited to apply for an award to help them with their further education, be it at University, Training School, Nursing or apprenticeship in any Craft or Trade.

Throughout the thirty years that the Bursary has been in operation, 208 students have been helped with money from the interest on the income, towards books and equipment they need. To date a total of 11,500 has been given away.

Over the years the Trust has been generously helped by the Meopham Parish Council and by past students and friends who have given illustrated talks to raise funds in order to increase the income.

ARE YOU LEAVING SCHOOL THIS SUMMER? If you have lived in the Parish of Meopham for the past five years, then you may be interested in applying for an award to help you with your further studies, whether at University, Nursing, Training School or a Craft or Trade. The awards will be given towards books, instruments or tools of the trade.

Application forms may be obtained from:
Mr P D Hasler, 3 Pitfield Drive, Meopham, Kent DA13 0AY Tel: 01474-813287
Mrs E A Bugg, 3 Cheyne Walk, Meopham, Kent DA13 0PF Tel: 01474-812572