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Meopham Historical Society
The Noticeboard

Every change to our website and important notices are posted on our Noticeboard, therefore this should be your first `port of call` when visiting our website. Simply click on Noticeboard on the main menu bar.

Meetings of the Society

Non-members are welcome to our society meetings. There is always a guest speaker giving a talk on some interesting subject. If you are interested visit our website and click on Meetings. You will find there the schedule of the meetings as well as summaries of past talks.


Our Society organizes day trips and holidays on which non-members also can take part. If you are interested visit our website then click on Outings. There you will find the current schedule and how to contact our representative.

The Society has now a website

We are happy to announce that the Society has a website, which you can reach by clicking the ‘world’ symbol on the ‘Groups & Societies’ page or directly at The website is a dynamic entity and will grow with the years. It will be the depository of documents and information about the Meopham of Old as well as of the New. It will be of interest not only for the members of the Society but also for the general public; for example, the Society holds monthly meetings and arranges holidays and excursions to which all are welcome.

This area will be reserved for important announcements of interest to the public. We intended to use the Weblog for more detailed information, such as information about the next meeting or holiday schedules as well as information about the varied work of the Society. However, we have to postpone the use of the Weblog until it provides functionality for editing and deleting entries.

We wish to make the website really useful, not only for the members of the society but also for the wider community. To achieve our aims we rely on everyone’s cooperation and contribution, whether member of the society or not. If you would like to contribute some material to the website or you could offer your skills for the construction and maintenance of the website or simply you have some question, please, write to the Society’s chairman at email to: If you have any technical suggestions, queries or report any errors, please, contact the webmaster at

Archivist: Dr. Ann Kneif,
Telephone: 01474 812171

The website is still in the construction phrase. You may find some facilities missing, others unavailable or protected by password. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The picture below shows the Society’s logo.