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The Fruit Tree Project
The Fruit Tree Project is a not for profit organisation which aims to harvest surplus or unwanted fruit from orchards, gardens and public areas in Sussex and Kent.

You can register a fruit tree, or trees and contact us a couple of weeks before you expect the trees to be ready.
We will then come with a small group of volunteers to pick the fruit.
The fruit will be divided with at least 25% for you, however you can donate more if you wish to. Volunteers like to eat a lot of fruit!

We use the fruit in a variety of ways to help the project, which includes selling from our stalls, preserving and juicing, plus supporting other good causes.

The aims of the project are to provide access to healthy, locally grown food, offsetting carbon emissions, preventing waste, building community bonds, providing training opportunities and volunteering roles, with the aim of ultimately creating long term job opportunities.

We are also in the process of finding and running unused orchards, which will include harvesting, pruning and grafting workshops alongside planting new orchards for the future.