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St Mildreds Church, Nurstead
St Mildred was born about 660. She was the daughter of Queen Domneva, Abbess of Minster Abbey, Thanet. As atonement for the killing of Domneva`s two brothers, the King of Kent granted her land to found a monastery, a house of prayer for the forgiveness of the murders. She selected the Isle of Thanet, off Kent, and asked that the distance that her pet hind run in one course should fix the limits of the donation. Mildred became a nun and succeeded her mother as Abbess. Women played a prominent and influential part in spiritual and cultural life. Abbesses were invited to the Councils of the Kings and Bishops, their advice sought, and the convents became centres of learning and the arts. She governed the monastery for about 30 years and when she died in 725 she was proclaimed a Saint. Her name means `Peaceful Counsel` and St Mildred has been described as `Pearl of the Woodland Kingdom`, `Crown of Kent`s Royal Race` and `The Fairest Lily of the English`. Visitors will find that her character is reflected in the church`s peaceful atmosphere. St Mildred`s Patronal Festival is celebrated in July.

Our Sunday worship is mainly according to the Book of Common Prayer and monthly services are usually: -
1st week at 11.30 am Holy Communion
2nd week at 11.30 am Mattins
3rd week at 8.00 am Holy Communion
4th week at 11.30 am Family Service
5th week at 11.30 am Common Worship

The Annual Garden Party, Companion Dog Show and Vintage Car Rally at Nurstead Court attracts visitors from all over the County. `The Friends of Nurstead Church` supports St Mildred`s by donating towards the upkeep of the fabric of the building. St Mildred`s is situated in Nurstead Church Lane and is signposted on the A227, just north of Meopham. `The Little Church in the Field` seats about 100 people.

For more information, please telephone: - Hugh Crawford 01474 812659.