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Yoga Classes - All Abilities
Yoga means `union` in class you `unite` the `Yin` & `Yang` aspects of Yoga.

`Yin` postures are soft and still. You can hold them for longer. This develops awareness and flexibility deep within your body. They restore your inner balance.

`Yang` postures are active and flowing. Your breath and muscles work a little harder. This develops strength and stamina. They stimulate your focus and vitality.

Also, you will learn breath control and deep relaxation techniques.

Controlling your breath calms and unites your body and mind. Relaxation techniques allow you to exist, peacefully, in the present moment with a balanced and mindful awareness.

You progress at your own pace, and the benefits develop with your practice.

So Yoga, by uniting `Yin` and `Yang` postures with Breath and Relaxation, will improve mindfulness and flexibility, as well as developing strength and stamina.

Classes are local: Longfield (Mon); Meopham (Tues & Thurs); and Gravesend (Wed). Please contact me for more information.